Solar Charging Backpack – 14W High-Efficiency Design


  • Integrated 14W solar panel for on-the-go charging.
  • Spacious 20-35L capacity, ideal for daily use.
  • Compact design: 50*33*15cm, perfect for commuting.
  • Stylish and practical for both business and leisure.
  • Eco-friendly power solution for mobile devices.
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Weight 1.52 oz
Dimensions 500 × 330 × 50 mm


Solar Charging Backpack – 14W High-Efficiency Design

Embrace sustainability without sacrificing style with our Solar Charging Backpack, featuring a powerful 14W solar panel. This backpack is not just a carry-on; it’s a mobile charging station designed to meet the demands of both business professionals and leisure travelers. With a roomy 20-35L capacity, it comfortably fits all your essentials while keeping your devices charged.

The compact dimensions (50*33*15cm) make it an ideal choice for daily commutes, ensuring that all your gadgets stay powered throughout the day. Its eco-friendly energy solution appeals to environmentally conscious users, making it an excellent choice for modern urban lifestyles. Whether you’re heading to a meeting or exploring cityscapes, this backpack is your reliable partner, keeping you connected and powered up.


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