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The Ultimate Electric Scooter Buying Guide for 2024: Everything You Need to Know Before Investing in an Electric Scooter

As we shift towards a greener tomorrow, the Electric Scooter Buying Guide introduces these game-changing vehicles as a cornerstone of sustainable personal transport. These eco-friendly scooters provide a practical and economical option for maneuvering through city environments while minimizing environmental impact. Whether you’re looking for a reliable commuting solution or a fun leisure ride, electric scooters are making a mark globally.

This detailed Electric Scooter Buying Guide dives into the advantages, varieties, and key considerations of electric scooters. Strap in and prepare to discover the ideal electric scooter that matches your lifestyle and needs.

Benefits of using electric scooters

Electric scooters have revolutionized the way we think about urban mobility. Here are some compelling reasons why these compact vehicles have gained immense popularity:

  1. Environmental Friendliness: By eliminating tailpipe emissions, electric scooters contribute to a cleaner and greener environment, making them an eco-conscious choice for transportation.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to traditional modes of transportation, electric scooters offer significant cost savings on fuel and maintenance, making them an economical option in the long run.
  3. Convenience and Portability: With their compact size and foldable design, electric scooters can easily be carried onto public transportation or stored in small spaces, making them ideal for multi-modal commuting.
  4. Effortless Commuting: Navigating through traffic and finding parking spots becomes a breeze with electric scooters, allowing you to reach your destination quickly and efficiently.
  5. Fun and Recreation: Riding an electric scooter can be an exhilarating and enjoyable experience, adding a touch of excitement to your daily commute or leisure activities.
The Ultimate Electric Scooter Buying Guide for 2024: Gotrax G4 Folding Electric Scooter
Gotrax G4 Folding Electric Scooter – 45 Mile Range, 650W

Different types of electric scooters are available

Electric scooters come in various shapes and sizes, catering to diverse needs and preferences. Here are some of the most common types you’ll encounter:

  1. Kick Scooters: These compact and lightweight scooters are perfect for short distances and can be easily folded and carried. They typically have a smaller deck and wheels, making them highly portable.
  2. Standing Scooters: Designed for longer commutes, standing scooters feature a larger deck and wheels, providing a more stable and comfortable ride. They often have higher speed capabilities and extended battery life.
  3. Seated Scooters: For those seeking a more relaxed riding experience, seated scooters offer a comfortable seating position and increased stability, making them suitable for longer journeys or riders with mobility challenges.
  4. Off-Road Scooters: With their rugged design and larger tires, off-road scooters are built to tackle rough terrains and outdoor adventures, providing a thrilling ride for adventurous spirits.
  5. Foldable Scooters: Combining portability and convenience, foldable scooters can be easily collapsed and carried, making them ideal for multi-modal transportation or storage in limited spaces.

Factors to consider when buying an electric scooter

Choosing the right electric scooter involves evaluating multiple factors to ensure it aligns with your unique needs and preferences. This Electric Scooter Buying Guide outlines some crucial considerations to help you make an informed decision.

  1. Range and Battery Life: Evaluate your typical commuting distance and ensure the electric scooter’s battery range aligns with your requirements. Additionally, consider the battery’s charging time and overall lifespan.
  2. Speed and Power: Determine the maximum speed and power output you need based on your intended use, such as commuting or leisure riding. Higher speeds and power generally come with a higher price tag.
  3. Weight and Portability: Consider the scooter’s weight and folding capabilities if you plan to carry it or store it in limited spaces. Lighter and more compact models may be preferable for easy transportation.
  4. Terrain and Riding Conditions: Assess the terrain and riding conditions you’ll encounter, such as smooth surfaces, hills, or rough terrain. This will help you choose the appropriate wheel size, suspension system, and motor power.
  5. Build Quality and Durability: Invest in a well-constructed electric scooter with high-quality materials and components to ensure longevity and reliable performance.
  6. Safety Features: Look for electric scooters equipped with safety features like brakes, lights, and reflectors to enhance visibility and control during rides.
  7. Budget: Determine your budget and strike a balance between features, performance, and cost to find the best value for your investment.
Joyor Max 2 Electric Scooter: 2000W Motor
Joyor Max 2 Electric Scooter: 2000W Motor

Features to look for in an electric scooter

When evaluating electric scooters, consider the following features to ensure a smooth and enjoyable riding experience:

  1. Motor Power and Torque: A more powerful motor and higher torque will provide better acceleration and hill-climbing capabilities, making tackling inclines and maintaining desired speeds easier.
  2. Wheel Size and Suspension: Larger wheels and a robust suspension system will offer a smoother ride, especially on uneven surfaces, while smaller wheels may be more maneuverable in tight spaces.
  3. Braking System: Efficient braking is crucial for safety. Look for electric scooters with reliable braking systems, such as disc brakes or regenerative braking, which can also extend battery life.
  4. Lighting and Visibility: Bright headlights, taillights, and reflectors enhance visibility and safety, especially during low-light conditions or nighttime rides.
  5. Display and Controls: A clear and intuitive display panel and ergonomic controls can provide essential information like speed, battery level, and riding modes, making it easier to monitor and adjust your ride.
  6. Waterproofing and Weather Resistance: If you plan to ride in various weather conditions, consider electric scooters with waterproof or water-resistant components to ensure durability and reliable performance.
  7. Connectivity and Smart Features: Some electric scooters offer connectivity features like Bluetooth integration or smartphone apps, allowing you to track your rides, adjust settings, or receive notifications.

Top electric scooter brands for adults and kids

When it comes to electric scooters, several brands have established themselves as leaders in the market, offering high-quality products for both adults and kids. Here are some of the top brands to consider:

For Adults:

  1. Segway: Known for its innovative self-balancing technology, Segway offers a range of electric scooters designed for commuting and urban mobility.
  2. Xiaomi: This tech giant has ventured into the electric scooter market, delivering affordable yet feature-rich options for urban riders.
  3. Ninebot by Segway: A subsidiary of Segway, Ninebot offers a wide selection of electric scooters with advanced features and sleek designs.
  4. Dualtron: Specializing in high-performance electric scooters, Dualtron caters to riders seeking powerful and robust vehicles for longer commutes or off-road adventures.
  5. Unagi: Known for its stylish and minimalist designs, Unagi electric scooters combine performance with a premium aesthetic appeal.

For Kids:

  1. Razor: A pioneer in the electric scooter industry, Razor offers a range of kid-friendly models with safety features and age-appropriate designs.
  2. Swagtron: With a focus on quality and affordability, Swagtron provides electric scooters for kids of various ages, ensuring a fun and safe riding experience.
  3. Hiboy: Offering a variety of kid-friendly electric scooters, Hiboy prioritizes safety, durability, and age-appropriate features.
  4. Gotrax: Known for their reliable and budget-friendly options, Gotrax electric scooters for kids are designed with parental controls and safety in mind.
  5. Jetson: Combining style and performance, Jetson electric scooters for kids feature eye-catching designs and innovative features to captivate young riders.
EVERCROSS App-Enabled Electric Scooter – 22 Mile Range, 500W
EVERCROSS App-Enabled Electric Scooter – 22 Mile Range, 500W

Electric scooter maintenance and safety tips

To ensure a safe and enjoyable riding experience, proper maintenance and safety practices are essential. Here are some tips to keep in mind:


  1. Battery Care: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for charging and storing the battery to maximize its lifespan. Avoid overcharging or completely draining the battery.
  2. Tire Pressure and Inspection: Regularly check and adjust the tire pressure according to the recommended levels. Inspect the tires for wear, cracks, or debris that could cause punctures.
  3. Brake Adjustment and Replacement: Periodically check the brake pads for wear and replace them when necessary. Ensure the brakes are properly adjusted for optimal performance.
  4. Cleaning and Lubrication: Keep your electric scooter clean and free from dirt and debris. Lubricate moving parts as recommended by the manufacturer to prevent premature wear.
  5. Firmware Updates: Check for any firmware updates from the manufacturer and install them to benefit from improved performance, bug fixes, or new features.


  1. Helmet and Protective Gear: Always wear a properly fitted helmet and consider additional protective gear like knee and elbow pads, especially for off-road or high-speed riding.
  2. Visibility and Lighting: Use the scooter’s lights and reflectors, and consider wearing reflective gear or carrying additional lighting for increased visibility, especially during low-light conditions.
  3. Speed and Control: Ride at a safe speed and maintain control at all times. Avoid sudden acceleration or braking, and be cautious when navigating turns or obstacles.
  4. Awareness and Courtesy: Stay alert and aware of your surroundings, and be courteous to pedestrians and other road users. Follow local traffic laws and regulations.
  5. Weather Conditions: Adjust your riding style and speed according to weather conditions. Avoid riding in heavy rain, snow, or icy conditions for your safety.

Electric scooter laws and regulations

As electric scooters gain popularity, governments and municipalities have implemented various laws and regulations to ensure safe and responsible use. It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the local laws and regulations in your area before riding an electric scooter. Here are some common considerations:

  1. Age Restrictions: Many jurisdictions have age limits for operating electric scooters, both for adults and minors. Ensure you meet the minimum age requirement.
  2. Speed Limits: Electric scooters may have speed limits imposed, either by the manufacturer or local regulations. Adhere to these limits for your safety and to avoid fines or penalties.
  3. Helmet Requirements: Wearing a helmet while riding an electric scooter may be mandatory in some areas, especially for minors or on public roads.
  4. Riding Zones: Certain areas, such as sidewalks, bike lanes, or pedestrian zones, may have restrictions or guidelines for electric scooter use. Follow the designated riding zones to avoid conflicts with other road users.
  5. Licensing and Registration: Depending on the jurisdiction, you may need to obtain a license or register your electric scooter, particularly for higher-powered models or those intended for public road use.
  6. Insurance and Liability: Check if your area requires insurance coverage for electric scooters or if there are any liability considerations in case of accidents or incidents.

Remember, laws and regulations can vary significantly between locations, so it’s essential to research and comply with the specific rules in your area to ensure a safe and legal riding experience.

Gotrax GXL V2 Electric Scooter, Foldable, 20mph
Gotrax GXL V2 Electric Scooter, Foldable, 20mph

Comparison of electric scooters for adults and kids

When it comes to electric scooters, the needs and requirements for adults and kids can differ significantly. Here’s a comparison to help you make an informed decision:

Electric Scooters for Adults:

  • Speed and Power: Adult electric scooters typically offer higher top speeds and more powerful motors to accommodate longer commutes and hill-climbing capabilities.
  • Range and Battery Life: Longer battery life and extended range are crucial for adult commuters, allowing them to travel greater distances without frequent recharging.
  • Weight and Durability: Adult electric scooters are designed with sturdier frames and components to support higher weight capacities and withstand more wear and tear.
  • Suspension and Comfort: Larger wheels and advanced suspension systems provide a smoother ride and increased comfort for adult riders.
  • Features and Connectivity: Many adult electric scooters offer advanced features like smartphone connectivity, GPS tracking, and customizable riding modes.

Electric Scooters for Kids:

  • Speed and Power: Kid-friendly electric scooters have lower top speeds and less powerful motors for safety reasons and to match their riding abilities.
  • Range and Battery Life: Shorter ranges and battery life are often sufficient for kids’ recreational use or commuting to school.
  • Weight and Durability: Lightweight and durable construction ensures easy maneuverability and longevity for kids’ active lifestyles.
  • Safety Features: Parental controls, speed limiters, and additional safety features like handbrakes and kickstands are common in electric scooters for kids.
  • Design and Aesthetics: Vibrant colors, fun designs, and age-appropriate sizes make electric scooters appealing and engaging for kids.

When choosing an electric scooter, consider the intended user’s age, riding experience, and purpose to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Conclusion: Navigating Your Electric Scooter Buying Guide to Make the Right Choice

Investing in an electric scooter can be a game-changer for your urban mobility and recreational adventures. By considering factors such as range, speed, portability, and features, you can find the perfect electric scooter that aligns with your needs and lifestyle.

Remember, safety should always be a top priority. Adhere to local laws and regulations, wear proper protective gear, and maintain your electric scooter regularly to ensure a smooth and enjoyable riding experience.

As you embark on your electric scooter journey, keep an open mind and explore the vast options available. With the right research and consideration, you’ll be well on your way to unlocking the convenience, eco-friendliness, and sheer joy that electric scooters offer.

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What is the purpose of buying an electric scooter?

Determine if you need an electric scooter primarily for commuting, recreation, or a combination of both. This will help narrow down the required range, speed, and features you should look for.[1][2]

What is my budget?

Electric scooters range widely in price from budget-friendly options under $300 to premium models over $1,000. Identify your budget to find the right balance of features and performance.[1][3]

What range and battery life do I need?

Consider your typical travel distance and ensure the scooter’s advertised range meets your needs. Also, check the battery’s expected lifespan and warranty coverage.[4]

What are the important features to look for?

Key features include motor power (for speed and hill-climbing), tire size (for a smooth ride), braking system (for safety), suspension, and build quality.[1][3][4]


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