Wireless Charging Stand with Nightlight & Alarm

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Wireless Charging Stand with Nightlight & Alarm

Power Up: ⚡

Ditch the cables! 15W wireless charging fuels your phone effortlessly.
Wide pad welcomes any position, portrait or landscape.
Not just phones! Smartwatches, earbuds, and more find a home here.
Light Up Your Dreams:

256 vibrant hues paint your mood, from reading glow to sleepy serenity.
Dimmable LED nightlight guides you safely in the dark.
Doubles as a desk lamp for late-night work sessions (without the eye strain!).
Wake Refreshed:

Smart alarm clock eases you awake with gentle sounds & customizable settings.
Adult & child sleep modes cater to everyone’s rhythm.
App control puts everything at your fingertips, right from your phone.
Transform your nightstand, sleep like a star. ✨ Shop the 3-in-1 wonder now!

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Dimensions 270 × 110 × 170 mm
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Wireless Charging Stand with Nightlight & Alarm

Transform your bedside table into a haven of convenience, tranquility, and intelligent functionality with a revolutionary 3-in-1 smart charging station. Say goodbye to tangled wires and cluttered surfaces – this innovative device seamlessly combines a fast wireless phone charger, an adjustable LED night light, and a smart alarm clock, all in one sleek and sophisticated package.

Charge Your Devices Effortlessly:

  • Experience convenient, fast wireless charging without the clutter of cables. The wide charging area ensures effortless power transfer, even in portrait or landscape mode.
  • This versatile charging station isn’t just for your smartphone. Charge your smartwatch, earbuds, or any other compatible device with ease, keeping all your essentials powered up and ready to go.

Immerse Yourself in a Symphony of Light:

  • Transform your bedroom with the adjustable LED night light. Choose from 256 vibrant lighting modes and control the brightness directly from the accompanying app. Set the mood for reading, relaxing, or drifting off to sleep in peace.
  • Enjoy soft illumination while working on your laptop or catching up on emails, without straining your eyes. This versatile wireless charging stand doubles as a dimmable desk light.

Sleep Soundly, Wake Refreshed:

  • Gently rouse yourself from sleep with customizable settings on the integrated smart alarm clock. Different sleep modes cater to various schedules and preferences, ensuring everyone starts the day feeling energized.
  • Take complete control with the dedicated app. Adjust alarm settings, manage the lights, and personalize your experience with just a few taps on your smartphone.

More than just a charging station, this device is a complete bedside revolution. Elevate your space, simplify your life, and experience the perfect blend of technology and comfort.
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    Discounts and quality combined – what more could a shopper ask for?

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    Customer service was friendly and resolved my issue promptly.

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